Quality Assurance

All our products pass through a strict quality monitoring process which starts from assessing the quality of raw materials such as fibres, yarns, and fabrics to the finished garment. The products are tested at each step for quality before being deemed fit for use.

In brief, the quality is assured by performing comprehensive tests at the fabric stage (FPT i.e. Fabric Package Tests) and then at the garment stage (GPT i.e. Garment Package Tests). The garment tests are initiated only when the fabric meets all the quality parameters in the FPT.

The Colour Fastness Tests

The Colour Fastness Tests help to assure that the product can retain its original colour and vividness even after routine or exceptional cases like repeated washing, laundering, dry cleaning, when rubbed against another fabric, or when exposed to sun light for long durations.


Color Fastness to Rubbing


Color Fastness to Washing

Physical Tests:

Physical Tests help us assure that the garment has sufficient strength to withstand various mechanical actions and body movements such as walking, running, bending, or sitting for several years. These tests also make sure that the garment will not tear or wear out at places such as collars, cuffs, etc. which are subjected to repeated abrasion. The seams, trims, and accessories are strictly tested to assure long-term durability.


Tearing Strength


Seam Strength

Apart from these, a garment’s resistance to repetitive domestic washing and appearance retention are confirmed as per International Quality Norms. Finally, the garment is inspected thoroughly to ensure that no fault, however minor, finds its way in the garment. All these checks make sure that a premium quality garment is produced Right First Time (RFT) and Right Every Time (RET).

Garment Tests:

The care label is thoughtfully designed based on the quality confirmation after these tests. Apart from the above mentioned physical and colour fastness assessments, functionality evaluations like water absorption, quick drying, flammability, etc. are also carried out whenever necessary. We use an eco-friendly approach of manufacturing during the entire process chain so that our products are assured to be safe and free from any harmful substances like azo dyes, formaldehyde, etc.

In case you have any issues or complaints regarding the quality of our products, please contact us at info@scarletross.in. We can provide you the test report of the concerned quality parameter on a chargeable basis from the reputed and authorised laboratory, and our Quality Partner: Nissenken Quality Evaluation (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Appearance after repeated Washing


Dimensional Stability to Washing